NYC's Dizzy's Club: Evan Sherman Entourage

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Jazz drummer Evan Sherman brought his set to NYC’s Dizzy’s Jazz Club’s Late Night Sessions, presenting a highly musical set using brass instruments, piano, and double-bass, all carried by Sherman’s drumming. Using jazz rakes, the sound he created with his drums was just as much melodic as rhythmic, showing high musical competency technically and musically. 


A recent graduate of Manhattan School of Music, Sherman presented a wide-ranging selection of music, with his jazz influences heavily coming through. Original composition were performed and comprised a great portion of the set. The Evan Sherman Entourage also presented a Thelonious Monk composition ‘Brilliant Corners’ playing a highly energetic and vibrant version of it, as well as Sherman’s Barry Harris influence being prominent. Sherman also included vocals in the band when playing ‘Heart and Soul’, touching on all styles and musical arrangements of jazz music. Sherman’s Entourage also incorporated blues music into the session, disregarding the genre split in his all-inclusive set, and appreciating a wide range.


Though Sherman’s drumming was a large focus of the set, each and every instrument in the band was an essential element to the music. There was often a more call and response style in some of the songs, as well as many solo sections for the musicians being highlighted, particularly on the brass instruments. 


The brass instruments were used very creatively, and using mutes throughout the set in varying ways- devices used to affect the sound and volume of the instrument; they particularly made use of the plunger, their skills made so evident through the creativity and vibrance in their playing. The bass was also an integral part of the band, as it was evident with this performanceit’s importance to the music as the bass-line was extremely prominent and contributed significantly to the music of The Evan Sherman Entourage. 


The most special part of the whole set was with tap dancer Michela Marino Lerman joining the musicians on stage, her dancing complimenting the music of primarily the piano, but also the bass and drums, with the sound created by her feet. Set up on a small wooden platform at the front of the stage, Lerman’s dancing was captivating, with the choreography and the music responding to each other and the tap dance sounds carrying all the musicians with Lerman’s simultaneous rhythmic and melodic performance- similarly to the melodic way Sherman played his drums. Lerman’s tap dancing was an integral part of the music and provided a completely new perspective on music arrangement and composition. The combination of the instruments and the music from dance demonstrated how all sounds can be used in live music, presented by this new and rare arrangement of jazz music.


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This sort of jazz performance is not something I have ever spotted when in London, proving New York City’s uniqueness in its music, and its high appreciation for jazz music making it special. This high energy and vibrancy confirmed by Evan Sherman heading onto another gig downtown straight after, at Smalls Jazz Club!