Ed Sheeran at Wembley Stadium


The first artist in history to sell out Wembley Stadium for a solo show- that too three times- is Ed Sheeran. The ‘journey to Wembley’ tweet collection showing tweets from and about Ed back form 2009 to now, combined with the opening clips showing Ed’s yearly progression, reminded everyone watching of the immense achievement this is and made us all so proud of how far Ed has come.


Foy Vance and One Republic warmed the crowd with their sets, with Vance bringing some more country style music, and One Republic performing their famous hits such as ‘Counting Stars,’ with a very musical touch to their set- the inclusion of a cellist being something really unique!


But finally the man himself came out, looking rather overwhelmed but so strongly supported by the audience, which was made up of those who even were queueing from 3:30am to get to the front. Ed performed his usual greatest hits from his latest album X but also from his debut, +, bringing his X tour to London from the o2 Arena back in October 2014 to here, 9 months later. Clarifying himself from the very start that all the music was live, created by his vocals, guitar, and a loop pedal, Sheeran performed a magical two hour set, with his vocals echoing throughout the stadium, along with the 80,000 person crowd that knew his songs back to front, singing along with him. 


The production was also rather special, and the fanciest Sheeran has ever had at a show. The graphics for 'I See Fire' were overwhelming, as the whole Wembley Stadium stage was just bright with fire and the Hobbit's dragon in a fast moving scene, or the green taking over in 'Drunk,' as well as some very folk art featuring in his other songs, full of colour, giving a very bright atmosphoere.


Elton John made a surprise appearance, sending the audience into uncontrollable screams- it felt so powerful to see the progress, from when the two performed Ed's song together at the Grammy’s back in 2013, to now, where the two performed ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’ as a duet, and ‘Afire Love’, where John accompanied Sheeran’s vocals on the piano. Sheeran also performed a Stevie Wonder’s ‘I Was Made To Love Her’ after performing it at his tribute concert.


The most magical moment of the night by far was Sheeran’s performance of ‘Thinking Out Loud.’ This song has made history by being the first single ever to spend a year in the charts- and for good reason. The enchanting music video of Sheeran's ballroom dancing was playing in the background, whilst he sang the song live with the electric guitar. The audience singing along to this was at its loudest, with such a strong echo throughout Wembley Stadium. The audience all had their phone torches swaying along with the song; a man that can make Wembley Stadium so full of light as a response to his music just shows the alchemy of his performance. The most telling line of the whole concert was when, as part of Thinking Out Loud, Ed sang ‘And this crowd won’t remember my name..’ as the crowd, as can be guessed, went crazy with love and support, those few seconds itself showing how Ed Sheeran’s songs are timeless and his fans’ support is everlasting. Well done Ed, we’re so proud of you!