REVIEW: Freshly Made MAY


The Roundhouse Studios showcased their Resident Artists for the second ever Freshly Made- a monthly gig in Made In Camden to showcase the home-grown talent of the Roundhouse.  Organised by Polly Beck and Peter Quinn, the evening features performances including spoken word pieces, live music, and DJ sets.


Sarah Parry and Antosh Wojcik- the Roundhouse Poetry Slam winner- kicked off the night with some deep spoken word pieces, enchanting the audience with their emotive words and tones. Spoken word lends itself to some vulnerable performances due to the raw nature of the art, speaking their emotions to an audience, which is something that the spoken word artists at Freshly Made brought to their performances a great deal. This is also true of spoken word artist Karoo Chanti who performed on the night, delivering a ten minute piece on political issues, society’s structure and feminism, obviously feeling very strongly about the issue through her intensely fired-up and powerful performance.


Freshly Made primarily featured live music, with genres of all sorts taking to the stage. Kaity Rae brought her Nashville Carrie Underwood inspired music with just vocals and guitar belting out her original ballads, with her crystal clear voice filling the café. Isobel Rogers similarly performed with just a guitar and her voice, however had a very unique story-telling technique in her songs, influenced by classical myths such as the Tempest.


Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Michael Sebastian made the crown groove, with his South African influenced reggae-soul-funk-jazz fusion of a set, using electronic sounds along with live instruments, primarily the electric guitar, to create a musically creative set, with his pitch-perfect vocals enhancing his musical ability greatly.


The artist that hands down stunned the crowd the greatest was performance artist and singer who goes by the name Oberon White. From the moment his performance started to the moment it ended, it was an unpredictable, and an unconventional piece, making each and every member of the audience stare wide-eyed. He walked in with his face fully covered, then stopping to pull out an awful lot of streamers from his mouth, and finally unwrapped his face to reveal some intriguing face-paint, whilst singing some haunting, operatic tunes, with some interesting chorus effects on his vocals, infusing some spoken word into his set too. Oberon White really entranced the audience, his performance style never before experienced by the majority of the audience, or seen elsewhere, bringing a truly unique personality to Freshly Made.


Hosted by musician Mister Lees, the night also saw some music from Italian duo Supernova, using just a bass, electric guitar, and cajon with their vocals to create a rock style set. Theo Aijey got the audience moving with his all time classic ‘Ten Pounds’, along with new tune ‘Holiday’, with his seemingly charming and insanely energetic performance style bringing a laugh and a dance to everyone in Made. The night ended with a DJ set from Bos Tones, bringing the reggae vibe back into Made.


Freshly Made is a monthly show in the Roundhouse’s Made In Camden Café to celebrate the home-grown talent the Resident Artists represent the Roundhouse with, along with some other folks, open anyone and everyone to come and support and enjoy the talent that the Roundhouse Studios develop and nurture.