REVIEW: Industry In The Streets, True Skool

“Respect for my old school, love for my new school, put that together and we get new school”- chants presenters Mika, and the CEO of Industry In The Streets (IITS) who goes by the name Fusion, to the audience at London’s Richmix. With 2015 being True Skool’s fifth annual show, the evening saw a large celebration of urban and hip hop music with rising artists taking the stage to showcase their music, DJ sets, and visual artists showcasing their work- the only rules of the night defining that only original songs be performed.


Music was performed by FRSHRZ, Dee’Riginal, The Big Music Project’s winner Aina More, electro group Hardihood, soul singer Stephanie McCourt, and DJ sets by Mr Furious and MK. Aina More was celebrating the release of her EP For people with Short Attention Spans, performing songs from the EP, and her winning song from the Big Music Project. Stephanie McCourt also switched up the genre of music performed, performing with the IITS band, bringing a more soulful and jazz element to end the evening, yet still entrancing the audience throughout. The audience interaction throughout was one of the greatest ever experienced at a gig, both from the presenters and the performers, constantly talking to the crowd and involving them to take part with the music, with a “Skool Yard Battle” even thrown in towards the end. This not only provided us high entertainment and top quality music, but also highlighted the community value that Industry In The Streets promotes, with the all-inclusive and exciting vibe that was present the whole evening. The amount of support for Fusion and Industry In The Streets was shown by the audience demographics, with Fusion’s students, the Roundhouse collective, musicians that have worked with IITS before, and many more communities joining together for this night of music. I Am Hip Hop Magazine also showcased their visual art pieces at the venue, showing the high standard and the variety of creative talent that Industry In The Streets brings together.


Curated by Industry of the Streets (IITS) founder Fusion, and supported by Rich Mix and Arts Council England, True Skool brings to light the importance of education in the creative arts, particularly for young people. Students from Big Creative Education (BCE) and volunteers from NCS The Challenge worked closely with event manager Maria Ferras to deliver the event, highlighting the many opportunities IITS provides for emerging talent behind the scenes.  FRSHRZ further supported Fusion’s activities and involvement in education when they talked on stage at the start of the event about the importance of education, celebrating how academic success is no longer a hindrance in music, particularly hip-hop- which the brilliance of FRSHRZ’s performance clearly showed. All these musicians together created an eclectic evening with live music and with an important appreciation of each other, as True Skool clearly evidenced Fusion’s theory that how hip-hop, contrary to popular belief, is all about “peace, love, unity, and fun.”


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