Unsigned Stars UK Presents: BSK Live


Unsigned Stars UK brought a night of live music in association with Brixton Soup Kitchen, showcasing London’s newest, youngest talent. Organised in just two weeks, this event was curated by Rheon Armotrading, hosted by Michael Dapaah and Bang Radio’s Mz Dru. After 100 musicians auditioned to take part, five talented young musicians were then chosen to participate in the finals at London’s classic venue The Borderline. With a majority South London community forming the audience, the night brought together live DJs, the open-mic participants, the competition contestants, and headline acts, including judges as influential as X-Factor finalists “Rough Copy”, with Bar4Bar, and BSK founders Solomon and Hash.


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A variety of genres were performed: from mellow, acoustic guitar melodies using loop pedals to hardcore rapping to spoken word pieces to stand up comedy. The event began with an open mic session, which welcoming all members of the audience to participate for 90 seconds each, which saw an array of talent of all ages taking to the stage. The finalists of the competition, Mister Ayo, Luke Carey, Supreme Ky, Maverick & Malachi, and Chany, brought a range of musical skills, with the innovation of each artist performing on the night really standing out; most of them even showcased their own original songs. Young brothers Maverick and Malachi, ages 16 and 20, brought a pure vocal piece with beatboxing and rapping to create a highly entertaining and innovative set. Winner Luke Carey stood out with his talent, with his acoustic guitar and loop pedal creating a tranquilising set of lyrics and melodies, and giving the audience a special treat with the lyrics of his encore song going something along the lines of “I’m in love with the cocoa”- ultimately winning him the prize of £500, studio time, and a chance to feature on London’s Bang Radio. The evening ended with headline acts, including performances from Paigey Cakey of Waterloo Road, Stush, and spoken word artist Rae Poet.



However, even with those glam prizes and exciting headline acts, it was clear that the competition itself was not the main driving force for this event being hosted, nor the main motivation of the musicians who performed at this event. The night was dedicated to Brixton Soup Kitchen, with raffles throughout the night offering high-end prizes, in order to aid the Brixton Soup Kitchen in their community work of providing housing, education, employment, and training to aid the BSK in their mission of providing suitable living conditions for anyone they can reach. Unsigned Stars presented a night of entertainment and new music, providing a highly enjoyable and vibing night of music and entertainment.