New Music from Ophelia- Coming 3rd May

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With her music being critically appraised by BBC Radio 1’s Ally McCrae as “absolutely mesmerizing”, Ophelia’s debut EP The Next Act is set to release on 3rd May, her soft harmonic vocals blending naturally with Los Angeles producer Greaf’s beats and production of the EP.


Ophelia has been making music since 2010, when in America she came across an African hip-hop night and decided to take to the stage, and felt truly overwhelmed at the experience. That moment inspired her career as a performer, embarking onwards with strong vocals, acoustics and hip hop, when she is now a Resident Artist at Camden’s iconic Roundhouse, and is set to release her debut EP.


Ophelia debuted her new live set line-up performing a set at the closing night of this year’s Roundhouse Rising Festival, opening for beatboxing Reeps One. With Ophelia’s band consisting of a beatboxer, bass, keys, guitars, a loop pedal and Ophelia’s authentic vocals, her performance caused waves in the audience, launching her into a new chapter of her career as a performer and a recording artist.


Ophelia’s music is inspired from her emotions, with both the music and her vocals reflecting the heartbreak which she aims to convey in her songs, narrating stories of rejection and struggle. Even the setting in which she resides are an inspiration for her music and her sound, living in an abandoned Victorian primary school; she creatively uses the reverberating rooms with their high ceilings as part of her songwriting process, which feature “lyrics that give an insight into the fears, insecurities and, ultimately, bravery” as Kent Online described her music.


The production of Ophelia’s The Next Act EP enhances the lyrics and the narrative behind her songs, with chorusing effects creating an ambient vibe to her music. The EP showcases music from stripped back acoustic guitar with subtle beats to upbeat lively beats and production, featuring Ophelia’s versatile talents in both singing and rapping, particularly in her song Won’t Let You. The unique element of Ophelia’s forthcoming EP is how the production itself is part of the music, with a purpose larger than just enhancing it, demonstrating the highly collaborative nature Ophelia has adopted, with the whole of The Next Act in collaboration with producer Greaf. Ophelia proves herself to be a pure talent with songs written with much thought and carefully produced to a high standard, and this can be evident with the release of her EP The Next Act released 3rd May. You can listen to Ophelia's new single Do You Know here