REVIEW: Ella Eyre at The Roundhouse


20 year-old Ella Eyre led the sold-out capacity of the Roundhouse through a highly energetic performance with her largest audience yet. With an outfit made specially for the show (I know this as the designer tumbled forward to the front of the audience and took many pictures next to me), Ella’s concert, both in terms of performance and production, was unique in its extravagance.


The audience were perhaps particularly relieved with Eyre’s appearance, after a long wait after the rather abrasive performance from Shift K3y (Shift Key), with the confusing mixture of 80s soul and modern EDM songs spanning his set list, causing the audience to be rather restless, not to mention a tad offended when told off for not “clicking along” to the songs as instructed. However he did carry great self-confidence with him, and with the fact the audience sang along to his closing song, evidently has potential in his songs.


In great comparison, the opening act Jake Isaac took the audience on an adventure with his acoustic yet grand performance, with his rhythmic guitar strums, and a bass player and electric guitarist on stage adding to the sound of his pure voice, leaving the audience buzzing for more of his songs. It’s safe to say Isaac successfully gained many new fans and followers following opening the Roundhouse gig.


Having seen Ella Eyre in 2013 opening for Bastille’s concert at the o2 Shepherds Bush empire, the vast progression of her musical journey was evident as her stage presence, confidence, and performance has matured on a highly positive level. From being a fresh graduate from London’s BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology a couple of years ago, Eyre has spent her time collaborating with the likes of Rudimental, Bastille, Naughty Boy, and DJ Fresh. She has released only a handful of singles and EPs on her own name, yet sold out the Roundhouse even before the release of her first album.  This fact alone should reflect the intensity of her music and the brilliance Ella carries with her in her performance, engaging the audience in upbeat hip-hop songs to the beautiful ballads, with the ability of her voice enabling her to carry out both styles to a high standard, while moving at quick pace with high energy the whole night up and down the stage.


It can only be anticipated what Eyre will go onto achieve, and what other venues as iconic as the Roundhouse she will go on to sell-out, captivating the audience for the whole night in the grasping way she has proven herself to be able to do, and the heights to which she will go to once she has even one full album out! Eyre’s debut album “Feline” is set to be released on 4th May this year, and both the girl and her music are ready to take over the music industry.