REVIEW: The BRIT Awards 2015, LIVE


The much-speculated question of “What happens in the advert breaks at award shows?” is one I can finally answer after attending the 2015 BRIT Awards at London’s o2 Arena. (Basically, an off-TV presenter comes on to the stage to discipline the musicians and celebrities, in an attempt to make them sit down to avoid traffic in shots.)


The Brit Awards, organised by the British Phonographic Industry company, was the most magnificent celebration of music conceivable. The runway spanned the length of the venue, with stars were walking up and down the whole evening, presenting and accepting awards, and avoiding the massive champagne spills from Ant and Dec’s extravagant entrance.


The formal yet vibrant vibe in the o2 Arena on February 25th 2015 was unique. Though appearing to be a massive concert to celebrate 2014’s music, it was unlike any usual live music event held at the o2 Arena. With every musical influence in the same room, (mixed in with some actors and models of course), gathered to acknowledge the achievements of the musical geniuses that have grown from Britain, every aspiring musician was provided with hope whilst watching the event with the constant reminder where relentless hard work can get you.


Ed Sheeran’s wins bookended the BRIT awards, taking home the Best Male Artist and the MasterCard British Album of the Year awards, though pointing out how “a statue” cannot define what the best in music is, reminding everyone how album sales and ticket sales and fan support is what really counts. Though scandalous Beck was nominated for an award here too after his much questioned Grammy win, the authenticity of the awards and the honesty in the celebration of Britain’s musical achievements were evident, with international musicians also contributing to the celebrations of the night with their presence and even some performances- most notably Sheeran’s buddy T-Swizzle, who also took home her first ever BRIT Award after an eight year career.


The evening met banter with Ant and Dec creating some humorous tension introducing the Brit awards with a warning to “all artists up for awards against Beyonce” that “rumour has it that Kanye is in the house”- and then of course congratulating Kanye for staying in his seat after Taylor Swift ‘s win for Best International Female (because who love talking about that 2008 VMAs moment.) Despite the fact it was not possible to hear most of Kanye West’s performance on TV due to the censorship, the whole o2 Arena was on their feet swooning over West’s debut of All Day, with the bouncy backing dancers and pyrotechnics, with fire shooting into the air, quite literally.


Shout-out to all the music industry hopefuls who were watching the BRITs, either on TV or at the o2 Arena, and aim to reach the roundtables one day, and being held at security by the entrance for not sitting down in time for the end of the advert break and what-not. No single artists who won or was nominated did it without some struggle first, whether they are Ed Sheeran or Kanye West, and the message that the BRIT Awards gave out was truly an inspiration and hopefully triggering a significant motivation drive in the future of British music.