Tim Exile's Digital Masterpiece


Just as I typed this review with my Apply Mac keyboard, Tim Exile used the very same keyboard to create intensely hypnotising music from his station on stage on the third night of the Roundhouse Rising Festival- a festival of music from emerging artists. Though only occupying one corner of the stage, Exile captivated the audience for the entirety of his 45 minute set.


Tim Exile, though initially (and unexpectedly) classically trained with the violin, has become an extraordinary experimental musician in the modern music industry. His expressions and tones conveyed by his use of technology are mesmerising and although there is a lack of visual spectacle, Tim is still able to captivate the audience purely with his sounds, which emphasise the authenticity of the music he creates.


Tim’s show was unique due to the nature of the art he performs, whereby the whole show is essentially improvised. Tim invited special guests, the Roundhouse Choir, to the stage to create the basis of the music, then mixing the vocal sounds recorded at his station spontaneously, making each few seconds of vocals into an extensive Electronic Dance Music masterpiece which triggered a 45 minute rave. This makes his gigs highly unpredictable and therefore completely different to what features on his album, showing Exile’s alternative approach to expressing his music to his audience at his live shows.


Tim Exile’s support of the Roundhouse is evident through his involvement in many projects, having performed at last year’s Roundhouse Rising Festival, as well as playing a big part in Imogen Heap’s Reverb Festival. Exile also produced tracks for female duo Rive as part of the Roundhouse’s 30/30 project- a month long project where 30 Roundhouse artists get the opportunity to record with professional producer, including Exile. Rive made a cameo appearance during Tim’s set, as well as Roundhouse Resident Artists Karyma, Cynikal, and Fran Lobo opening the show, making his performance at the Roundhouse Rising Festival particularly special, as his support for the emerging artists at the Roundhouse was clearly demonstrated.


Tim Exile will be returning to the Roundhouse on Saturday the 21st in order to share his skills and knowledge further with the Roundhouse emerging artists as part of the “Digital Futures” day as part of the Roundhouse Rising Festival, debating and discussing the music industry in the digital age and how to master it- a topic area in which Exile has proved himself highly successful.