Sofar Sounds: London 22/12


Ah Sofar sounds... you will get pins and needles, but it's totally worth it, as "songs from a living room" is a slogan they live up to, delivering sweet intimate gigs with the highest quality music around. Last night's Sofar was not only a extra special Christmas edition, with mince pies and Santa hats all around (I'm sure you can see the reindeer antlers photobombing all my pics), but it was also THE LAST SOFAR OF 2015!!!!!! So I was super honoured to be a part of it. 


Burnz opened the night performing an acoustic set, in true Sofar style. If you came to the last Concentus Live gig, you would have seen this crazy cool rock band. The lead singer Joe has an amazing voice, hitting notes you didn't know existed! I couldn't keep my eyes off the drummer, playing the cajon and cymbals like a queen, and of course the much reverbed guitar and awesome bass line. The band performed their usuals such as Beauty & The Horror,' as well as my personal favourite 'Yours & Mine,' as well as a special cover of Fleetwood Mac's 'Dreams' which they did so well, and had the crowd all singing along! 


Lecaude then took to the stage performing a very simple set of his music, especially that from his upcoming EP, such as Green Hearts and Smoke and Mirrors. He's got a super deep voice which is really great to hear. Lecaude is also a member of London Contemporary Voices; the choir that took home this amazing Sofar gig! 


The choir emerged from the audience at the start of their performance, performing some Christmas classics in Sofar's Christmas edition, of Jingle Bells and Santa Baby. One particularly member of the choir - Cerian Hollands- really stood out for me, amazing voice, and even working on her own solo project now- you have to check her out!! 


LCV also performed songs with each of the artists performing- though Lecaude was a member of the choir, they also did a performance with him singing his song 'Ithaca,' with Burnz 'I don't mind' and the choir even brought out Only Girl to do a very special performance together! 


Though this amazing set of secret gigs is complete for 2015, Sofar Sounds is coming back bright and strong from 2016, so apply to attend a gig, listen to Sofar Sounds Radio on Soho Radio first Sunday of every month, and check back here at Concentus Music for reviews of all things Sofar!! 


Check the Burnz video from the Concentus Live gig here, and remember our next live gig is at the Barfly, January 7th, where we even have some Sofar alumni Kawala headlining!