Oh Wonder, Eliza Shaddad: Deezer Sessions, Live


The filming of the last Deezer live sessions of 2015, at London’s The Hospital Club, with the fantastic electronic-live duo Oh Wonder, and new artist on the scene Eliza Shaddad!


Eliza Shaddad is a really cool new artist, performing songs off her EP ‘Waters’ and her upcoming EP ‘Run’. She plays her electric guitar whilst singing, and with only a bass player and drummer joining her on stage. The band created a really big sound on stage for only three people! Eliza has a really bold yet soft and folky vibe to her music, making for a really interesting set. Her songs are super strong, particularly ‘Wars,’ and ‘Run’– the title track from her upcoming EP.



Oh Wonder (above) were the second artist filming their sessions for the night. This electronic-pop duo – Josephine and Anthony- are on a fast and furious rise to the top. Not only are their songs really cool, and the band set-up, but their performance style too. Tir song ‘Dazzle’ is the one which really stayed in my mind, with the lyrics being ‘Not in it for the money, just in it for the thrill,’ as well as the on edge, eccentric performance style Josephine brought with it.  I’ve recently become a fan of the electronic-live combination, and these guys only made me have even more faith in the style! Using samples and synths, as well as the band, and Anthony’s awesome guitar playing, it made for a really interesting set of songs.


An intimate setting, a small stage in a room, the filming of the Deezer Sessions was a really sweet sort of gig as we got to be so close to the artists, and an honour to be part of the live audience! The Live Deezer Sessions have seen artists such as London Grammar, Phoenix, Birdy and many more- check ‘em out!