Concentus Music November Live!


Concentus Music Live number three- November edition! No shame in a self-reflection.


We had a lovely little night at The Islington, so happy to see new faces as well as some usual supporters, as well as some confused Milk & Bone fans because apparently they were meant to play that night too...


Even though we had no Milk & Bone, we did have Van Susans, CHALK, Nick Kingswell, Burnz, and Kat Reyes. I say this every time, but, although it looks like we're reviewing our own show, look at it as reviewing the artists who we showcased that night! 


Kat Reyes brings a very different edge to the typical singer-songwriter, performing with an electric guitar on stage with her voice yet performing acousticy songs, performing her most popular one 'Unkind'! 



Nick Kingswell came with a singer songwriter vibe too but had a really alternative side to his music, using a loop pedal which created some beautiful melodic harmonies in his songs, performing from his debut EP 'river runs red.' His favourite of mine was of course Bad Blood, which Nick clarified he wrote "waay before Taylor Swift"! 


Burnz brought the rockier edge to Concentus Live, being the first rock band we've ever showcased, and they did an amazing job! Lead singer Joe really brought the band together, and some insanely right drumming, with his really really clear voice, and the band had such chemistry on stage it was amazing to watch! 


Indie-electronica band CHALK, a duo who combine sequencing and live music, took the penultimate slot of the night. These guys brought a really cool side to electronic music, sort of Disclosure kind of style, combining live vocals with the electronic sounds. 

Alternative folk/rock band Van Susans headlined the night, ending it with a super sweet band vibe. My favourite thing about the Van Susans is the inclusion of the violin in their set. Holly, the violinist, really brought the folk side to the band and added some beautiful harmonies to it. Vocalist Olly was also so flawless, and multi instrumentalist Ed who played both guitar and piano really brought it all together. The band played a stripped back version to usual with the cajon. I really loved their songs, their most recent single Lipstick Teeth being my favourite one! 


Concentus Live is a monthly series of gigs, focusing on live music and showcasing new talent! Check out all the artists because they're brilliant!! In the past we've had Dom Robinson, Malory Torr, Laura Lamn, Luke Carey, and many more perform - check it all the videos out here!