REVIEW: Django Django


Django Django threw a massive party last night, following the release of their latest album 'Born Under Saturn.' Their concert was one of the most exciting gigs I've ever been to. This was actually the first time I had really heard their music, and it's rare for me to enjoy a massive venue concert of music I'm not too familiar with, but this was an exception! 


Django Django bring a really different fusion of an almost country style, combined with an electronic base to their music, which is kinda mad! But it was so interesting and different- the kind of gig I imagine would feel beyond amazing if you were drunk. 


The eccentric four-piece was one of the most entertaining group of people ever. It was more than a concert, but also a "show" - it was interactive, lively, and mystifying, amazing to watch. The production was also like a nightclub, strobe lights everywhere and some crazy cool graphics surrounding the band. 


The crowd all responded to it amazingly. Everyone was having a massive party, and my favourite part of it was when Django Django was able to make the whole crowd sit on the floor and jump up again together (you can see the crowd crouching down on the right). It was one of the funnest concerts I've ever been to just because of that very moment! 


Usually my reviews are a bit more specific, but because I'm new to the world of Django Django I don't know the names to any of their songs yet.. Either way, still loved the concert. By far one of the best ones I've seen!