INTERVIEW: Lisa Mitchell



We had the privilege of chatting to Lisa Mitchell, following her European tour supporting Bear's Den! We talk about the tour, adjusting to the sleeper bus lifestyle, Lisa's Australian experiences, her time in LA, and her upcoming album!


So I’m going to ask you a question which I’m sure you’re being asked A LOT right now, but you just finished a tour with Bear’s Den – so tell us about that?! 


Yeah, so I just did the European Tour with Bear’s Den. The guys are really lovely, and it was nice getting to know them a bit better.


I notice you play out beats from a tape player when performing live, which you said is with the purpose of it sounding a bit fuller than just you on stage. So does this mean you’re looking to create a band to tour with you potentially?


Yeah I think eventually, definitely. But I think it is also really fun to see what you can create with just one person.


Do you create those beats yourself?


The beats that I use are from the album, so we’ve created the tracks, so either Eric J, the producer, has made them, or a guy Tim Harvey who I work with a lot has made them, and I just play a long to them basically. The new album has a lot of beats in them so it’s a great way of representing the new album in the live show. 


Is this biggest tour you’ve done so far? What made you feel you were ready to embark on this big European tour, in these massive venues? 


I mean I did a lot of touring four or five years ago, but it was my first sleeper bus tour, so for that style of touring, yeah. I think for me, I saw it as a really good way to be exposed to a new audience in Europe and the UK, and also it’s been a great learning curve with the sleeper bus. I’ve seen Australia, and I don’t think you could hire a sleeper bus if you wanted to, because you fly everywhere because the distances are so large. 


How did you find the sleeper bus touring lifestyle?


Yeah it was a bit difficult to sleep, but I kind of got used to it after a week. It was about three or four weeks long. So yeah it was cool, obviously I want to be doing a lot more touring in the UK in that kind of style so it was a good introduction into that.


So this is the first time you’ve been in the UK for about four or five years, right?


Yeah, for music. So about four or five years ago I put out a record here, and it was incredibly assuring, and in terms of the new album, we’ve just been over here quite a lot more.


How come you decided to relocate to the UK?


Well I mean I’m really inspired by Europe, so I think London is a really good central area to be based, and obviously there’s a lot of music industry here as well, so I find London is a great place for me to just be able to easily travel within Europe, like Paris- I love Paris! 


What are you up to here?


So I’m just mixing my album with a guy in Sydney- Eric J, he’s a producer and he’s also mixing the album, so we are just mixing it over e-mail at the moment, and I think it’ll be coming out early next year!


How is it working online with someone for your album? Do you prefer being in the studio with them, or does this set-up work well?


It’s ok, I mean we talk on the phone a lot, which is much better than e-mailing! We make it work, and because we’ve made the whole album together already, we already kind of know what we’re talking about when we talk on email. 


Australia is also quite far from the rest of the world-  did you find that ever a problem or was it always easily worked around?


I think there many many bands that are based in Australia that do really well internationally, but yeah I think you just have to travel a lot, so be in LA or London a lot, which is great.


Have you done a lot in LA too then?


We just started doing stuff in the States too yeah. We just did some live shows with the radio station KCLW on ‘Morning Becomes Eclectic’ which is a really great show to do, and then yeah just did a few showcases.


Do you have any gigs coming up in London?


Not at the moment- just recording, so probably next year!