EP REVIEW: Dan Owen 'Bad For Me'


Dan Owen performs like a MASTER. He performed at Communion Music's night a couple of weeks ago where I was first drawn into his harmonica, multiple guitars and amazingly unexpected voice, and of course his foot serving as the worlds best kick drum. 


Dan's EP was just released last month, featuring title song 'Bad For Me,' as well as 'Splinter' 'Little Red Rooster' and 'Riding Out This Storm'. Bad For Me' is my personal favourite off of the EP, as it has a really edgy vibe to it that you almost don't expect. 


His cover of Rolling Stones' 'Little Red Rooster'  was certainly made his own, his crispy country voice suiting the song so much! I've also seen Dan perform a vibrant cover of 'Walking Blues,' showing off his country edge, and his musicality shining through. It's quite refreshing to see a performer who's so musically knowledgable and talented - he clearly is very creative in his performances, to such an extent his covers come across as his own songs, because his own unique style stands out so much. 


Dan's voice is just as much an instrument at his guitar is - almost more so. He does things with his voice that no one else really can, that incredibly low George-Ezra-style voice coming from this youthful and energetic soul. His voice and performance style is unique in a way that is would suit a small intimate venue or pub, like I saw him in, but his voice also has the ability to be able to fill a massive venue.


Dan's music is something I listen to purely for the music- I just like closing my eyes and listening to him. I don't feel I have to personally know all about him to understand his music, or have to watch him perform to enjoy it, but it really is just the voice and the self played guitar and harmonica combined. Only a few people are multi instrumentalists and can actually also play multiple instruments at the same time, and have that flawless, effortless voice boom out. Dan sounds full enough without a band, just on his own, (without even the use of a loop pedal to compensate!). 


Though not on his EP, my favourite song of his by far is 'What Is A Man' - when I saw him perform this, I was enchanted by not only was his soft, chilled guitar playing, and the amazing use of the harmonica, but the lyrics themselves were such genuine, poetic words, I rarely find myself attached to the lyrics of a song. 


Dan Owen is so special, and his music incredible. Do go check out his shows and download the 'Bad For Me' EP - and the best part is, he hasn't even told me to write this! His music is truly beautiful.