On Mass: Featuring Jamie Cullum | London Jazz Festival


The London Jazz Festival came to the Roundhouse main stage, putting on a completely sold out night of music from Jamie Cullum, joining forces with it’s young creatives groups Music Collective, The Audio Collective, and the Roundhouse Choir, the groups performing with musicians from Nigeria, Ukraine, and South Africa to create this eclectic night of music. Carnival band Kinetika Bloco also joined the stage on the night, featuring some dancers too. 


The trio of collectives at the Roundhouse featured the most in On Mass, the music collective having the privilege of performing with the international performers. The groups performed solo pieces as well as everyone writing a piece based on an improvised motif Jamie Cullum wrote. Cullum then re-learnt his improvised motif and opened this collection of performances performing the original on his centre-stage piano, and the groups each their piece. Cullum also performed many of his own songs during the night. 


Acclaimed DJ and sound design artist Tim Exile also featured prominently in the show. Tim’s unique angle in his live performances is that is sets are 1

00% completely improvised; he records what is happening on stage and then mixes it and plays around with it to create an electronic piece using samples of what was just performed. For example,  my favourite bit from Tim the night was when he recorded Kinetika Bloco and then mixed it up to create a wildcarnival, brass, electronic piece! Tim and Jamie also performed together at one point in the show, surprisingly combining Cullum’s jazz piano and Exile’s crazy beats really well! 


All the performers joined together at the end to perform ‘One Nation’ together- the Audio Collective completely improvising this section and pulled it off pretty well I think! The Music, Audio, and Choir collectives have spent the last few months preparing for tonight, and with me personally being part of the Audio Collective and performing on stage with the others, it was a really inspirational night and something amazing to be a part of. 


All the photos were taking from the live stream of the performance, which you can watch here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lj8gU9tCt8w