Sofar Sounds: London 06/10


Sofar Sounds continues its series of secret gigs in London this month, spending the last two nights at Paper Mills Studio in Islington. This photography studio was converted into a little venue tonight, for bands Night Dials, June's Kaleidoscope, and Island. 


Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 22.20.57.png

Night Dials performed a short set opening the night, with two out of five of their members taking to the stage in this soft acoustic set up that is Sofar Sounds (though the rest of the band present!). With a guitar and two vocals, this duo delivered a really soft and honest performance- though I got the impression they usually come with a heavier sound! Their song "Waiting at Your Door" - to be released at the end of the month- was particularly memorable, as it was so melodic, and with such deep lyrics! 


Band June's Kaleidoscope continued the night, flying all the way from Valencia just for this Sofar gig- which goes to show how special Sofar Sounds is! This group of four women was so musically advanced it was amazing to watch; the string section of the band made them stand out immensely, with the

violin and the cello, the lead singer playing keys, and a backing singer too. They had a mixture of deep emotional songs, as well as some incredibly bouncy, happy songs, like 'Best Hotel Room I've Ever Had,' the first song they ever wrote 'Miss Honey,' and their opening song 'Beatles' Song' following the life of...the Beatles! The violinist was even wearing a dress which had a musical score on it, which in itself showed the dedication of the band, and the technically advanced aspect of their performance also impressive!


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Band Island closed the Sofar Sounds night last night at Paper Mills Studio, having played there the night before too. This four-piece indie / alternative band played an acoustic set, bringing their guitars, drums, a bunch of reverb, and a whole lot of ace hair! The band performed songs from their upcoming debut EP, and their new single. The band had a really nice chemistry on stage, and each instrument vital to the sound of the band, which is always so amazing to watch! The lead singer also had an incredibly clean, pure voice, able to carry the lyrics really clearly. 


Last night’s Sofar gig just proved what a wonderful organization Sofar Sounds is, led and attended by a group who have such a genuine care and interest in music. Concentus Music is the new reviewer of Sofar Sounds, so check back regularly for reviews of Sofar Sounds London!  Apply to attend Sofar Sounds gigs by signing up here at


Thank you to Sofar London for the photos!