EP REVIEW: Lewis Bootle 'Friction In The Funds'


Folk musician Lewis Bootle’s debut EP Friction In The Funds is released tomorrow! This guy brings back the lyric heavy music to the scene, and rhythmically melodic tunes to back himself up.


Friction In The Funds opens with Lewis’ tune Do What I Need To Do. The debut single released back in August, this tune was featured on BBC Introducing, and combines his folk influences with an urban edge, singing on the very relevant topic of university and feeling lost- his youthful topics making his music slightly more accessable than a lot of the other music on the current scene.


There’s a consistency across all his songs, both musically and also topically. All the songs are clearly very personal, and delivered with a certain honesty.  They’re also all musically advanced with some skillful guitar playing and an edgy but clear voice, and very ambient production! Particuarly in his song Just Living, Lewis has some really prominent harmonies- which is a great addition to the song as he is one of few musicians who provide their own harmonies.


Song James Taylor is a slightly more typically acoustic song- a tranquil and melodic tune about his listening to music with his father. Lewis’ music was recently championed by Frank Turner too- one of his influences, along with Bob Dylan, Jack Johnson, and Jamie T.


I saw Lewis Bootle live a couple of weeks ago, and his live set is just as dynamic as his EP- his personality really coming through in his music! I highly recommend a download of this  folk music championing EP tomorrow, available on iTunes!