Sofar Sounds: London 15/10


Sofar sounds hits London again, in a South Kensington living room, showcasing an unplugged evening of new music. This series of secret gigs is running in 175 cities worldwide, with the idea that the audience genuinely listen to and enjoy the music which they are watching. 


Pop/Rock five piece band 'Victoria' opened the night performing an acoustic unplugged set of songs, the band comprised of an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, percussion and vocals. They performed songs such as 'Hold Me Down' and their biggest summer hit 'Into The Wild,' in which the audience were encouraged to provide a bunch of vocals to too.  



Second performer of the night was Sydney original Nick Kingswell, who bought just an acoustic guitar and himself up on stage. Usually performing with a loop pedal,  Nick had an interesting combination of a rather cheery sound but with quite serious backstories and messages, such as his song 'Who Will Love You.' Nick performed songs off of his EP 'Over Easy' which was released last year, and his latest single 'River Runs Red,' which ended with a really intimate clicking from the audience. 


Martin Luke Brown closed the night with his set, performing both on the keys and the guitar, and of course his warm voice. Martin performed his song released today 'Knife Edge'- ok, I misheard him and thought it was called 'No Fudge,' (good thing I looked it up before writing this), but either way, it was an awesome song. My favourite of his was the one played on guitar 'Scars on Scars.' He closed with the title track of his latest EP 'Take Out Of Me.' And I was so involved with it that I forgot to take a picture..


The room was so silent for that when the guy next to me popped his beer open, the whole room turned their heads, and host Chris of course really completed the night with his ridiculous high energy and charisma!  Sofar Sounds is on a roll, doing a gig almost every single night in London, and loads and loads in every other city too, so be sure to check one out. Their atmosphere is one of a kind, and their artists top notch!