EP REVIEW: Malory Torr 'A Joker And A Thief'


Malory Torr brings the folk-pop genre in her new EP 'A Joker And A Thief.' This girl has had a long, exciting journey on the way to this EP, performing with George Ezra in the past, a regular favourite of Sofar Sounds, and even a performance at Hyde Park with BBC Radio 2! 


The title song of the EP 'Joker And A Thief' is a classic pop claptastic song- trust, if you see it live, all you'll be doing is clapping. It's an incredibly catchy song with a very mysterious side to it. Songs 'Never Thought It'd Be You' and 'Heart Of Gold' come with a good movie soundtrack feel to it. 'Never Thought It Would Be You' has a slow, calming vibe to it, slightly touching on the jazzy side. 


'Skin Me Alive' also has a really soothing yet big sound to it, the production of this song being a big contributor of its final outcome. There's a good consistency throughout the EP in its high quality pop factor, combining with the singer-songwriter genre perfectly. Her songs have acoustic guitar as the main instrument, however are performed and recorded with a whole band, giving her songs a really complete feel. Malory also performs with a full band, which includes the double bass!


Malory writes lyrics that could fit comfortably in any time period, which is what makes her music so refreshing to listen to- they're just happy, personal, human topics that everyone can relate to. 


Malory is headlining the Concentus Music OCTOBER LIVE show this evening- October 11th at The Islington. Come and check her incredible live set out! Download her new EP 'Joker And A Thief' here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/a-joker-and-a-thief-ep/id1038693618